Thank you for your Support

Thank you for visiting my website - my name is Ruhena and I’m a budding Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Fashion Designer and a Professional Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist. I am fortunate to constantly meet incredibly talented people, and whilst doing business is fun, it’s always nicer to get to know people. I thought it would be useful to share my story with the people who I do business with, work with and with the people who support me in everything I do.

I am proud and fortunate to have established several large and successful companies under the AsiaGlam and Glamoress brands and continue to build my portfolio of companies. I love working on high end large and small commercial projects and thrive on providing creative input and technical industry based knowledge for set based events and photoshoots. Most importantly, I love engaging and interacting with people who have a passion for creativity and a natural flair for creating the extraordinary.

If you need any help or direction feel free to reach out to me, after all its support from others that has helped me achieve success and I’m always keen to help and show my gratitude.

Thank you for visiting and I appreciate your support

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